Welcome to Dayspring Life Coaching for Expats

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  • Are you an expat living in the Netherlands?
  • And are you struggling with issues which aren't easy to resolve?
  • Might you benefit from the help of a supportive, native English-speaker who is a trained and experienced counselor?

My name is Nicky van Tol-Williams and I'm originally from the UK. As a professionally trained counselor I provide a safe and confidential place to talk, sort out life issues and work toward solutions. And I know from experience what it means to be an expat. 

You may for example be:

  • Feeling the impact of a new culture and environment
  • Experiencing difficulties with family, friends or colleagues 
  • Undergoing symptoms of worry, stress, burnout (read here about what we call 'expat anxiety')
  • Struggling with sadness or loss
  • Unsure how to reach an important decision

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