About Nicky

As a British expat living in the Netherlands, and Germany too in the past, I have experienced first hand what it means to be detached from your roots and origins. Like many others who have crossed cultural borders, I have had to identify, work on and sustain a personal identity which can sometimes even be compounded by other underlying challenges and issues. But I made it work. 

How I got where I am

After gaining formal academic linguist qualifications in the Netherlands, I spent many years in international organisations training Dutch and German professionals to advance their English speaking and writing skills. At the same time I was a qualified translator and worked in numerous sectors and industries ranging from the airline industry to broadcasting. I eventually ran my own translation business. 

Along the way I struggled and coped with family and personal issues. I learned that once we decide to strive for change, the first hurdle is already overcome. 

Working so closely with individuals for many years kept alive the passion I had, since my teens, for psychology and understanding why we do what we do. I eventually listened to my heart and became an accredited coach having gained a solid and highly-regarded training at the Europees Instituut in Driebergen near Utrecht. Through ongoing study, training, workshops, and special attention for my own personal development, I aspire to give the best of myself as a human being and help my clients reach their goals.

NOBCO coach Nicky van Tol Almere Hout

"I believe in each individual's innate strength and power to change; I use a strongly person-centred approach along with techniques from other fields such as cognitive behavioural, solution focused and psychodynamic"