Clients whose testimonials are posted here gave explicit permission for me to do so. Because I see clients of varying nationalities and native languages, some testimonials have been translated into English for the purpose of my English-language website. 

I felt my needs were completely understood from the beginning as you were able to delve deeper into what I was feeling therefore showing me you understood the issues I was facing. The sessions have given me various tools to help me further such as understanding and knowing it is ok not to be perfect…focus on positive aspects of my personality and using that to build up my self-esteem…understand where my beliefs have evolved from."

B. (male, 30)

"I was feeling overwhelmed and wanted some clarity around whether or not I wanted a child and figure out what was going on. Not only did I discover the fears and beliefs I have, talking about them gave me some clarity as to what I could do about them. One of my main goals was to gain confidence in who I am, and I see so much progress since starting the sessions…I listen to my core more, I finally know what that means, and have good ways to take care of myself…new tools on how to cope with difficult situations, how to listen to myself, communicate better, understand myself better. The sessions exceeded all my expectations. I felt I could be myself and express the things I wanted to express. I never felt judged. My needs were definitely understood."

M. (female, 26)

"I had a virtually perfect experience working with Nicky – almost scarily perfect! I [now] have greater access to and acknowledgment of my feelings, which makes it much easier to have flowing, positive communication with others. I have developed conviction about my self-worth, which has made me feel like I add value in my personal relationships with others and through my work...these self-focused improvements have allowed me to build and enrich my relationships with others. I am also less stressed and have fewer negative thought patterns."

C. (female, 28)

The sessions gave me a feeling of calm and helped me to view things in a different way, solving issues that are constant in my life or things that come to me on a periodic basis…I feel the warmth and the kindness in every session, the level of empathy and understanding is amazing. The setting either online or at your place is amazing. I am grateful for everything you have facilitated to me. I feel more balanced and with more tools to face certain situations.

R. (female, 47)

"I feel free of the emotional baggage that I was carrying around for so long, some of which I was not even aware of and some of which I never realised had affected me so deeply. My goals have definitely been reached...it has been a life changing experience for me...I am setting and enforcing boundaries, which is something that I always struggled with before and never even realised...your empathy, understanding, supportive approach has helped me beyond my expectations".

T. (female, 49)

"My expectations were exceeded! I feel that my self-esteem, which I had clearly lost as a result of all that happened...is now firmly restored thanks to the sessions. You in fact encouraged me to reflect on the part I played and my own thoughts, feelings and actions.  I also learned how to cope better in stressful situations...I felt you understood me, that you listened and most importantly you helped me regain confidence in myself, despite everything."

J. (female, 63)

"You were very friendly and easy to talk to from the start...it felt good that you listened to me without judgement...and asked questions which encouraged me to think about my own feelings and actions. You helped me view situations from a different perspective. I am now able to listen to my own feelings before making choices and I am able to say no if I need to...I'm truly deeply satisfied with the way you coached me."

A. (female, 52)

"I found our sessions extremely pleasurable and valuable. I felt heard and understood, I was in good hands...I felt you were sincere and committed. Thanks to our identifying the appropriate key issue I discovered how to cope better with the situation. I feel stronger and am able to set boundaries for myself more effectively...it's a relief...".

K. (female, 58)

"I enjoyed the sessions a lot; Nicky makes you feel that you matter and that you can change the things you feel you want to change...Nicky invites you to reflect on your thoughts and actions and subsequently you are able to cope better."

S. (female, 56)